My Veterans Day Message To My Fellow Americans

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I shared some similar feelings a few years ago. In light of recent events, I believe the words ring even more true when I think about the future of our country. I want to give a special Veteran’s Day shout out today. I want to say thank you to all the ladies and gents who joined or re-upped since 9/11/01. When I joined the Marines, the idea of going to war was always a possibility but not much of a probability. For the veterans since 9/11, the situation is very different.

This generation of young men and women, joining in the last 15 years, has been watching their friends and classmates come home with scars (outside AND inside), on crutches, in chairs, or in boxes. With the gravity of this individual suffering staring them in the face, they still volunteered to join the US Armed Services. With the very real threat of direct bodily harm hovering over them, they walked into a recruiting office and said “I know I will be sent into harm’s way. I hear the sounds of calamity. I want to run towards that sound. Sergeant, sign me up.” Every one of them a volunteer.

This is an incredibly powerful point that I challenge others not to forget. The young men and women in uniform today are full of honor and valor, purpose and unselfishness. They’ve made a decision that few others in the past 70 years have made. For this, and for all they are currently doing, today I salute them. Fear not people of my generation and older; these new veterans will grow to be great leaders in the community, in business, and in public office. Help them out when you can. Our future will be brighter because of them. I am certain of it. Thank you, and Semper Fidelis.

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