My Formula


Every successful business solves a problem. That’s the simple goal. The more clarity you have on that problem, the more focus you bring to solving it, and the more hustle you bring to execution will largely dictate growth and success. I create strategy where it doesn’t exist, improve it when it lacks clarity and focus, and then align efforts to achieve it.


Leadership is social influence that maximizes the efforts of others towards achieving a common goal. That’s it. It’s not a job title, company tenure, or some innate characteristic. I can help you as an individual and your company corporately to identify and then achieve the goals that will drive your success.


A strategy that sits on the shelf doesn’t generate revenue. Executing a strategy that markets your product in a way that customers buy it is vital. Acting as your VP Marketing or COO, I can execute marketing tactics and operational improvements on your behalf or work with your existing team to execute those tactics better.

About me

I have a versatile background and can do many things. I primarily focus on strategy-led, results-oriented operational execution. This includes product and market definition, business modeling, marketing campaigns, customer acquisition, business development, process optimization, and ultimately revenue traction.

I help business leaders create and capitalize on economic, technological, and behavioral changes through a blend of strategic thinking and tactical execution grounded in technology.

I do this both as a project-based business consultant and as a company executive.

If you are looking to improve your status quo, I'm not your guy. However, if you want increased revenue, higher profit margins, and happier customers I can help; short-term or long-term.

If your needs and my capabilities are aligned for mutual success I'd love to work with you.

Allen Nieman bio photo